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Portal Canyon Affiliate Program

If you are a new person who willing to join the portal canyon affiliate program, we would like to give the information for earning commissions of selling our ecommerce package, how to know how much you will get the commission, how many packages can sell monthly, when will you get paid for the your selling packages.

Affiliate Process Overview

These are the overview of our affiliate process:
  1. You can fill the affiliate request form in our website to get your affiliate link.
  2. We will send this affiliate link to your requested email.
  3. After getting your affiliate link, you would need to send your bank account information to receive commission.
  4. You can put this link to your websites, blogs etc., to promote the product package
  5. The process is like this, “customer will click on your affiliate link, go to our website, and purchasing the product”.
  6. When the customer purchases the e-commerce package via your affiliate link and you will earn 10% commission on package selling price.
  7. Once the customer purchases the e-commerce package from your affiliate link, we will send the email to you for the e-commerce package type, sales amount and percentage of your earning commission
  8. We will send your commission to your bank account at the end of every month.